Have you ever found yourself in a position where you felt overwhelmed?  Where you were working harder than ever before and still were not generating the results that were expected of you?  Where you were putting in more and more hours at work and having less and less time for family, friends, and personal  enjoyment?   Where  your  frustration  level  was  so  high  that  you  hated  your  job  and  was dissatisfied with life in general?Not long ago I was exactly my state of mind.  My situation was amplified by the fact that in the various management  positions  I  have  held  over  the  years,  from  First-line  Production  Supervisor  to  ChiefExecutive Officer, I was “golden,” so to speak.  I have worked in large publicly traded companies, familyowned  businesses,  and  small  entrepreneurial  enterprises.   The  companies  I  worked  for  included: Data Ram, Inc., General Motors, DICO, Inc., Titan Wheel International, Inc., and OTR Wheel Engineering,Inc.  It seemed that no matter what initiative I undertook, I was always successful.  I appeared to have the proverbial Midas touch.After 40 years of management experience, I could tell you a host of success stories that would be very impressive.  However, the real story I want to tell is a personal one, because about ten years ago my golden streak of successes began to fade.  I found myself struggling to achieve my objectives.  I wasn’t producing the same level of success I had previously experienced.  Something had changed.  It felt like I was losing more battles than I was winning.  That was a new and unsettling dynamic for me.  I wasn’t exactly sure how or why it happened.  My professional life had become one of confusion and frustration rather than success and fulfillment.